We are MaxWhere.

We believe in moving our users and those interested in the creative, cool and efficient world of 3D as seamlessly as possible, maxing out the benefits without all of the clutter.

How do we envision this?

We provide full range of motion in a life-like setting, enhancing our solution with non-intrusive features that you can really use and that does not take your attention away from your real focus points.

We believe 3D can help everyone if it is easy to use and doesn’t have layers of clutter.

Set up your virtual office
Take a session on the beach

We continuously develop our feature sets, moving from 3D spaces and 3D object visualization to 2D content and project enablement through smart boards, as well as the integration of your favourite tools.

We believe in collaboration to the maximum as long as it really focuses your work and doesn’t distract.  

Our Mission

MaxWhere’s mission is to inspire 3D digital nativity by making virtual spaces naturally accessible to all users.

This virtual environment elevates the digital experience by stimulating the 3D awareness of the brain in a unique manner.

Our users run applications that increase connectivity, productivity and the conduct of business through industrial, commercial and educational use cases.

The set of ever-evolving MaxWhere 3D spaces, tools, and applications allows us or other developers to enable the digital user to move into and inhabit their virtual space with ease.

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Come join one of the hottest technology companies growing from Hungary to the region!

We make the American “start your company from your garage dream” the new Hungarian reality.

While the pandemic rages, you get the luxury of learning and applying these cutting edge virtual reality tools from the home office setting.

As soon as it is over we will get back to our normal of fruits, breakfast and a wittily competitive family environment.

Our Current Openings

Meet the Team

baranyi (2)
Prof. Dr. Baranyi Péter, Founder

Spews forth ideas at the speed of light, sometimes not even MaxWhere can handle it. Has fun with writing stream of consciousness e-mails at the wee hours to the team eliciting various responses. Sets the vision overall after rolling in on his Harley.

Dr. Galambos Péter
Dr. Galambos Péter, Founder

Seen frequently peeking out from under the hood of MaxWhere, where a robotics arm serves him some coffee and occasionally a beer. Knows every nook and cranny of the technology and builds teams of believers around it, sails away occasionally on a holiday. 

csapo adam
Dr. Csapó Ádám, Founder

Reserved but with a humor that cuts like a knife, he toils away day and night on developing the Cognitive Cloud and other items that are too classified to even mention. Goes beyond MaxWhere universe as well to find challenges to keep the brain cells fresh. 

Hetényi Márk, CEO

Organizes the elements, applies the pressures, pulls the levers here and there, and in general fills the energy coffers – whether that means motivation, money or your morning coffee. A real 24-hour guy. 

Budai-Tüske Gábor, COO

Having experienced all that corporate IT has to offer, Gábor fits our Lego together with your Lego – don’t worry, it’s not as painful as it sounds. Having built, run, coded, managed, and executed everything that the most complex IT systems have to offer.

Szilágyi Enikő, CFO

Has studied and matriculated in all those topics a normal innovator would baulk at – legal, accounting, finance and a little of HR. There is something amiss when other companies responsible for compliance call you up and congratulate her on her skills.