Career with Maxwhere

Marketing Strategist

You know what it takes to make a brand stick and how to translate the success of our products to key messages and actionable marketing strategies.

Role description:

We are looking for an experienced marketing strategist who can be the main caregiver and implementer of the marketing and brand strategy of the R34DY Group (R34DY and MaxWhere Solutions). Both branches work with complex messages that you need to understand, refine, and transform into marketing strategy. You’ll be responsible for setting specific objectives to develop a cohesive and profitable marketing strategy for our company. You can be the coordinator of suppliers and experts, the support of management during key marketing communication projects.

As a member of MaxWhere team we expect the skills of:

  • At least 4-5 years of experience in the field of marketing
  • an overview of digital marketing disciplines and has capabilities to plan and execute them with the help of marketing agencies
  • the bandwidth to be on top of multiple omnichannel campaigns at the same time

Besides these...

  • Excellent communicator both in English and Hungarian
  • Knows how to maneuver across multiple stakeholder groups
  • Precision, independence, and reliability are the core values we are looking for

You would be a great fit to our team if you:

  • extensive experience in social media management
  • an interest in technology, VR or fintech, banking sector
  • basic graphic design skills eg. Can create cool social media content in Canva
  • has a great sense of humor

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