Graphics engine developer

Role description

Work on the continuous improvement of the CG aspects of our core technology. Implement highly efficient yet eye-catching techniques in our rendering solutions and deliver deep hacks to maximize its performance. Cooperate with 3D graphics designers to find the best trade-offs between visual qualities, performance and technology constraints.

As a member of MaxWhere team we expect the skills of

  • Solid knowledge in OpenGL (GLES2, GLES3, GL 3+)
  • 5+ year experience with modern C++ (C++ 11, 14)
  • Experience with low-level rendering development (Ogre)
  • Shader development, visual effects, lighting, shadow, etc.
  • Experience in Immersive VR technologies (e.g., OpenVR)
  • High quality, well documented, clean coding style
  • JavaScript and Node.js knowledge is a big +++
  • Confidence with Git

More specifically, we are looking for the person who is:

  • Ability to think creatively and resolve technical challenges and limitations
  • Ability to work independently
  • Excellent communication skills at all levels, both on a technical and creative basis
  • Artistically as well as technically inclined
  • Strong time management & organisation skills
  • Strong teamwork ethic