MaxWhere education makes learning exciting

As learning moves online with greater speed, MaxWhere provides the next step in this evolutionary ladder, allowing universities, training centres and corporate education to move into the world of 3D with ease. 

Animate your subjects

Animate your subjects with the integrated and immersive combination of 3D objects which can be broken down into their elements, 2D supplemental content, and the ability to jump to topics for deeper analysis.

Food for your brain

MaxWhere brings your students a leap in memory and understanding, as the world of 3D provides a much more immersive and understandable set of surroundings in which students and trainees grasp concepts faster and benefit from engrained concepts which can be recalled later.

Better user experience

Bring efficiency and a better user experience to your internal and external trainee relationships – your customers and employees will appreciate the elevated 3D experience delivered in a highly effective virtual surroundings set to save costs.


Make learning more engaging – with the ability to quiz on the spot, gamify the experience, and demonstrate actual procedures, construction and building blocks of your subjects, your students come back for more with gusto.

Demonstrate global concepts

Combine your learning experiences – jump from micro concepts to macro concepts in real time, demonstrate global concepts and their local implications with the push of a button.

Combine your materials

Combine your materials – from engaging 3D objects to videos and presentation, to active classroom sessions, as well as in-depth material on the subject are all neatly arranged in one space to enhance understanding.

Fancy having your own 3D classroom?

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