Best in Industry 4.0

The joint team of MaxWhere and REACH Solutions won first prize at the prestigious Pioneers Hackathon of 2018 - the largest Industrie 4.0 competition in the EU!

Event organizer Lisa Höllenbacher expressed:

“It’s unbelievable, that the REACH - MaxWhere team developed this complete solution in such a short time. It is not only attractive to TGW, but also for companies proposing the other category’s challenges.”

Martin Rauch (CEO, TGW- Logistics) said when announcing the category winner:

“The REACH- MaxWhere demo overtopped the others with its impressive scenery while also fulfilled all of our requirements regarding the digital twin features.”

The team provided a digital twin solution - in which a virtual copy of a logistics robot system was synchronized through the cloud in real-time.

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VR Learning Center based on MaxWhere

The Szechenyi Istvan University established the VR Learning Center to help further its goals of facilitating online learning. The VR Learning Center introduced MaxWhere to the university as a platform for transitioning from web-based e-learning approaches to VR learning. This can be easily achieved through MaxWhere by loading all e-learning content into 3D space

According to Dr. Ildiko Horvath - the Head of the VR Learning Center:

"The MaxWhere 3D platform considerably improves the effectiveness of students and transforms their interactions with e-learning content into a more exciting 3D experience."

The most Popular in Shanghai in 2016

The MediWhere 3D app, published on the MaxWhere 3D platform, won 1st prize at the 4th China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair on the exhibition stage of Morgan Star. The MediWhere 3D App was developed to integrate e-learning materials, collaboration apps and interactive 3D objects with the goal of improving medical education.

Bejczy Antal Center opened MaxWhere classroom for Japanese students

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