MaxWhere Product

MaxWhere product showcase takes you further

Showcase your products

Use the MaxWhere personalized or standard spaces to showcase your products in 2D and in 3D, allowing for your distributors and customers to get a real-life feel for what they are about to purchase.

Lifelike representations

MaxWhere's lifelike representations in 3D provide extraordinary details, break out components, as well as provide truly needed supplementary materials at the point of sale.

Webshop integrations

With MaxWhere's web-shop integrations, you can make your web-shop come tor life, and allow your customers to test your products in virtual reality before they commit.

Personalized communications

Interaction capabilities allow you to have personalized communications with your customers at the point of sale, without the inefficiencies of a brick and mortar store.

Fancy having your own 3D product showroom?

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