We you from 2D to 3D.

MaxWhere Events

Self-service exhibition, conference and trade show spaces offering immersive collaboration and presence, as well as follow on analytics and loyalty features. Bring spontaneity to your online events and meetings.

MaxWhere Education

A classroom experience for both private and public educational institutions, as well as corporate customers, in which spatial focus and interactions are supplemented with opportunities for remote networking collaboration.

MaxWhere Products

Product showcase opportunities for both retailers and auction houses. MaxWhere is sure to bring your webshop to life, enabling customers to experience product features and related content in a whole new way.

MaxWhere Operations

An integrated operational and management dashboard, featuring real-time feedback on process information and warnings, leading to increased productivity and efficiency in an immersive environment.

MaxWhere helps you to move in
to your digital space with ease.

For Home Users

It’s easy – choose your favourite space from a collection of over 400 free spaces. If you want to work in a control centre, so be it. If you want to work in a nicely designed office, so be it. If you want to work from museum surroundings or a wacky space setting, so be it. With MaxWhere, there is no limit. Choose your space, place your boards, enable your content and you are good to go.


Collaboration Features

With the ability to share materials, documents, chat spaces and organize group get-togethers, MaxWhere takes spatial collaboration to a whole new level. Compared to 2D solutions, MaxWhere guarantees higher efficacy at lower cognitive loads.

Loyalty Features

Building on authentication, analytics, immersion and collaboration, a much more in depth knowledge of the customer is obtained, allowing for a more tailored loyalty experience.

Presence Features

With authentication, avatar presence, audio and video features, presence features allow users to enjoy the spatial experience privately, in small or targeted groups, as well as with full publicity.

3D Analytical Features

From presence and time spent, to click through and what view engaged users the most, analytics drive the MaxWhere your understanding to a deeper level in terms of customer analytics.

Interactive Immersive Webspace

Access anyone’s space in MaxWhere to create distributed communication. Integrate ads in spaces, obscure 3D interactive objects and get all the support you need for your B2D marketing and sales processes.

3D Creative Communication Features

Present your business results with 3D spatial analysis and take advantage of communication-oriented 3D interactive immersive spaces. Enhance your online efficiency to increase your customer engagement through better storytelling and messaging.

Bringing Virtual Spaces to Life

Working in a 3D rendered space increases productivity and allows a far greater level of organization.