MaxWhere Trade Shows

Bring Your Trade Shows to 3D

Whether you want a personalized trade show hall or a standardized one,  MaxWhere allows you to model your expo centers, your booths and your exhibitor stalls, as well as their content in one space, allowing for a fully immersive trade show experience.  Products and multimedia come to life in an interactive networking environment.

Commercial Actvities

MaxWhere allows for static and also dynamic 2D or 3D advertising within the trade show space – allowing for banners, characters and mascots, videos, as well as interactive advertising content to be delivered at the right time, when your interested potential customer is most receptive.


Have your own personalized trade show hall or a standardized one, as well as personalized or standard booths, the options are limitless. Use the choice settings to expand the capacity of standard booths to infinity and beyond.

Limitless Opportunities

With collaboration capabilities at your fingerprints, use automated chatbots or personalized sales representatives at the point of interest to engage in discussions with your customers.

Detailed Analytics

With our analytics and interaction tools, you will be perfectly aware of which products attract your customers' attention, users' number, active periods, and anything you want to know about your target group.

Fancy having your own 3D trade show?

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