MaxWhere turns on
the 3D module of the brain

"Using MaxWhere turns on the very powerful information processing module of the brain. It communicates information at the highest level of 3D structure (Parietal lobe). It relies on one of the most developed parts of the brain that is extremely fast as we already live in a 3D environment."

"MaxWhere gears up the brain"

as proved by
cognitive scientists

The VR Learning Research Group of the Cognitive Infocommunications Laboratory published breakt0hrough results about the MaxWhere 3D platform. It was discovered by the scientists, based on test results from 400 users, that

“MaxWhere's 3D environments involve the very quick and effective part of the brain in our digital work. Therefore users will be 30-50% more effective while cognitive stress is considerably relaxed.”

"We are seeing the same brain power explosion with the transition from 2D windows to 3D spaces as in the case of moving from the command line (e.g. DOS) to 2D windows"

"Scientists at the lab found that users were able to complete workflows 50% faster in MaxWhere's 3D environments than using window-based 2D environments."

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MaxWhere is a memory palace!

This is the reason why your memory functions 50% better in MaxWhere! Memory artists achieve their success through Cicero's Memory Palace technique.

Everything they want to remember they place into a room of an imaginary palace in which colors and images help them to retain memories. Cicero, Ancient Rome's greatest orator, was able to dictate multiple letters at once because he placed all tasks and documents into a different room of an imaginary palace.

"MaxWhere is a memory palace! Cicero would love MaxWhere"

by Professor Attila Gilányi

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Why 50% better comprehension?

3D is the most natural way of understanding

To describe your office would take hundreds of pages. However looking at 10 photos of your office would give you an even more clear description in a few minutes, as your brain constructs a 3D understanding from the 2D photos. However, If you enter into your office it takes a second to understand. You feel the size of objects and the space, your brain does not need to reconstruct anything, it can understand everything as it is.

Workflows vs. Storing & Searching

When we want to work, we need to organize the files and content we are working with in a workflow, not according to their folder structure, because we do not want to lose time while searching for files. We need a well-organized folder structure when we want to store and find files. But when we work with files, we need them to be organized in a workflow-based structure.

MaxWhere lets us concentrate better on our work and enables us to spend much less effort when searching for, opening and constantly changing the arrangement of documents on the 2D desktop. Our digital documents today are stored in a hierarchical structure of subfolders and all files appear in a very logical way based on the 2D file system. Although this is powerful, it still has limitations when you want to do actual work, in which case you would want to lay out all of the documents in the arrangement required for the workflow (not in abc order). MaxWhere lets you to access your digital content in a 3D working order right away.

3D explains what 2D cannot

3D objects are capable of explaining relationships among different bits of digital content. Web apps, documents and other content that are related to each other can be placed on one table, while others belonging to a separate topic may be placed on another, or on the walls of the room. Since your brain remembers better in 3D, it can quickly understand the arrangement of the objects, and will comprehend the whole situation 50% faster than in 2D. Put simply, 3D geometry looks very complicated in 2D, therefore the brain needs more time to reconstruct 3D associations presented in 2D.

"When we change between our office rooms the context completely changes and we are able to understand a huge amount of information with a blink of the eye. The human brain is highly capable in interpreting such changes in context, this is what it does all day long. MaxWhere lets us achieve the same superpowers in our digital life, by making it possible to jump from one project to the next with minimal brain effort."