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Manage your company more successfully or give your visitors an unforgettable experience, with MaxWhere’s true-to-life virtual 3D world

Virtual worlds enhance and optimize our reality

In recent years, hundreds of millions of people have been forced to use virtual solutions in their everyday lives and work, be it through video meetings, online courses, virtual exhibitions or conferences. Because most software only addresses certain use cases, overall reception and experience come with serious compromises.

MaxWhere offers something different, in a captivating versatile platform made up of virtual spaces. The illusion of physical space supports heightened information intake, thus boosting effectiveness in work, education or presentations, while perfectly complementing existing software to create a memorable user experience.

Meet Maxwhere

MaxWhere’s exciting virtual reality stimulates the human brain’s multi-dimensional ability to focus: Improved information processing results in better decision-making, more effective work, more enjoyable teaching, and more successful exhibitions.

Business use cases

VR solutions for your business challenges

Stunning versatility meets outstanding flexibility

During the development of MaxWhere, the most complex and practical applicability of the tool in the online space was of crucial importance. Therefore,  we have not created a new, hard-to-master software but a solution that intuitively compliments and makes more efficient use of the already existing and proven software, providing an advanced and inspiring user experience.

Maxwhere Operations

20% more effective enterprise operations with virtual control centers and offices

MaxWhere Operations elevates clarity and understanding around processes to a new level, which directly impacts achievement in both company management and teamwork.

Learn operations

Maxwhere Education

A digital education reform that benefits every generation

Both students and educators love using MaxWhere Education, where making learning connections is helped through information sharing in a virtual 3D space that stimulates the brain’s multidimensional organizing and focusing abilities.


Maxwhere Conferences

Online conferences with true-to-life experiences and real value

If you want to organize a memorable and successful conference that provides participants with valuable knowledge and relationship building opportunities regardless of their location, MaxWhere Conferences provides a solution.

LEARN Conferences

Maxwhere Trade Shows

A sales-stimulating solution for professional exhibitions and markets to engage visitors, where the 3D user experience is at least as impactful as in-person impressions.


Maxwhere Exhibitions

Location independent, virtual exhibitions furnished in 3D, that provide organizers, artists, and participants with a realistic, engaging experience.


Maxwhere Product Showroom

Unique software that lets you showcase and test high-value products or vehicles, letting consumers compare features in life-like 3D environments to make well-founded purchase decisions.


The advantages of MaxWhere Solutions

Use existing software more effectively

MaxWhere doesn’t make you replace your existing software with a new solution, but rather speeds up information reception and comprehension for everyday tasks by organizing processes with your preferred software in a virtual 3D space.

Master MaxWhere quickly

Every MaxWhere product was designed with our user’s needs and digital know-how in mind, so you can immediately apply them successfully and enjoyably without any additional training.

Participant analytics

Detailed statistics support even more effective results: Whether you’re sharing information or creating an experience, participant behavior in MaxWhere space can be precisely analysed to further optimize the effectiveness of virtual modules and features.

Accessible anywhere, on any device

MaxWhere solutions can be run on PC and Mac computers and tablets. A quick install is all it takes to run them from any point on the planet, and collaborate with others in real time.


In 2021, MaxWhere solutions turned virtually shared information into real knowledge for 24,567 users

I recently had the experience of giving a presentation through MaxWhere VR’s 3D world at an international IEEE conference. I truly hope that we can be the first university in Australia to implement and broaden our e-learning material in this new cyber-learning concept.

Tom Gedeon

Professor at The Australian National University

MaxWhere VR reflects an educational reform of tremendous importance, which we fully support at our university. We want to be the first adopters of this exciting new technology to enhance our teaching activities.

Földesi Péter

Rector at Széchenyi István University

When we invented the concept of virtual product verification, we had an interface just like MaxWhere VR’s in mind. Together, we can open a new dimension in the development of future industrial products.

Hidas Gergely

Business Field Manager at TÜV Rheinland
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