Welcome to MaxWhere

At MaxWhere, we dub ourselves the 3D moving company – we move you, your use cases, your favorite projects, portfolio, or whatever is near and dear to your heart to the world of 3D.

We believe in moving our users and those interested in the creative, cool and efficient world of 3D as seamlessly as possible, maxing out the benefits without all of the clutter.

Supercharge Your 3D Presence

Organize real-life like 3D conferences, exhibitions and trade shows.

Get an overview of complex processes by overseeing your operations in one space.

Boost your brain by 30% with the help of 3D representations of study materials.

Reach out to customers worldwide with your own 3D product showroom.

Why Work With MaxWhere?

Work efficiently

Increase your team’s productivity by 30% with 50% better comprehension of complex problems thanks to MaxWhere’s 3D environment, which activates the parietal lobe of the brain.

Amuse your audience

Knock the socks off your clients and colleagues with 3D models, collaborative content and interactive smartboards in your custom-made MaxWhere space.

Integrate your essentials

Integration with any application is only one click away. Gather all your favorite apps in MaxWhere, showcase your work and collaborate like never before.

MaxWhere fits you like a glove

Get ahead of your competiton by building your own immersive 3D space, which you can use for multiple purposes at the same time.

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