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Step into a new dimension of enterprise management

Optimize enterprise and manufacturing operations by up to 20% with multidimensional transparency across processes and connected workflows

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Maxwhere operations

Replace information labyrinths with a comprehension superhighway

These days, running a company or production facility requires the simultaneous use of heaps of software solutions. Leaders and professionals alike need to see through processes and understand causal connections quickly, to make the best decisions and react to situations as fast as possible.

MaxWhere helps you achieve just that, using the same tools and software you’re used to, now in a virtual world that uses the illusion of physical space to ensure faster, more comprehensive understanding of parallel processes.

Maxwhere operations

Maxwhere’s inspiring visual space

Maxwhere’s inspiring visual space builds on the mind’s multi-dimensional organization and focusing capabilities, to result in better-founded decisions and more effective individual work and team collaboration - from the comfort of your hammock.


MaxWhere Operations is completely reforming enterprise management

Maxwhere operations

Your proven tech stack, organized for optimal success

Replace siloed software and documents hidden behind overlapping windows with a spatial arrangement customized to your workflow, to speed up information processing and make your everyday work more effective.

More effective, faster teamwork

MaxWhere brings your colleagues up to speed with you, by making information sharing more precise and transparent - increasing clarity and understanding by 50%, and speeding up team collaborations by 30%.

A new dimension in sharing and decision making

Instead of files, the time is here to share virtual spaces complete with the materials needed to understand the context, thus sharing information in a way that automatically improves understanding.

Maxwhere operations

App features

3D command center

A virtual, interactive, digital space, that helps make your company’s complex processes, databases, control centers, dashboards, and everyday softwares become more transparent and understandable.

See through processes perfectly in a system organized to your ideal preferences

Organize your software, files, and dashboards, so that they support your own understanding and work processes in the most effective way.

Elevate your existing software into a virtual space

Smart boards, MaxWhere’s interactive visual displays, provide a display for any existing software, system or document in a 3D space, and can be effectively and simultaneously managed through a virtual command center.

More successful meetings, true-to-life collaborations

Invite others to your space: Multiple participants can be present at once for a meeting, brainstorm session or project collaboration, which can all be visually supported visually with smart board displays that everyone sees.

Your virtual command center is accessible anytime, anywhere

Once installed, the command center is easily accessible from any device. Take it with you to a site visit or a meeting, maximizing its benefits for just a few minutes or a full workday, while you travel or even on holiday.

Smart digital twin

The realistic, digital copy of a real production line, manufacturing, factory, or logistics location in a virtual space, which lets you track and manage ongoing processes in real time by connecting to live data feeds.

Real-time tracking, management, and task completion

Real-time data feeds on all of the processes, operations, events, and happenings stream into MaxWhere’s AI-operated system through sensors, where they become completely trackable and manageable.

Automatic notifications flag issues

The intelligent, rule-based motor connects heaps of independent internal and external systems and continuously surveys operations, notifying you if something isn’t happening according to plan. You can also use the engine to model extreme or chaotic situations and prepare your team for them through simulations.

Risk-free tests and simulations

Run tests and simulations risk-free with MaxWhere, and optimize your production with cost-effective, impactful workflows for individual units or for your entire operation.

Train employees securely

MaxWhere’s simulation experience can be used to successfully educate, teach and train employees. This increases cost savings from equipment depreciation, while your employees’ safety during training sessions is also 100% secured.

Walk through the entire factory in one click

Regardless where you are, you can travel to a virtual location in the blink of an eye, to start or stop an operation. This feature also lets you step into dangerous production zones, to supervise or manage an ongoing process.

Smart offices

A virtual office space with any number of spaces furnished with smart displays helps you see through running projects and processes, and provides inspiring environments that support collaboration and understanding during online team meetings.


Spaces for work and meetings

Spin up a single office or meeting room, or an entire office building - cafe included - in a virtual space. You can use the locations alone or with your colleagues to make decisions, workshop ideas, or hold a team building session.

A space for each project

Multiply the fun and enhance the effectiveness: Create as many workrooms as you want. You can create a separate space for each project or task, or organize different projects in a given space.


More effective workflows

It’s time to break out of the creativity ruts created by linear file structures! Organize a virtual space with smart boards that support understanding, where you can display the programs and documents you need for your work on smart boards.

Work in an inspiring community

MaxWhere’s locations don’t just strengthen focus through features. Built-in, customizable and adjustable offices also offer captivating visual inspiration, regardless where you decide to place them - on an oceanside, a mountain top, or even the surface of the Moon.

A new dimension of sharing

It’s much harder to remember the contents of traditionally shared files than it is to retain MaxWhere’s spatially organized material, which helps others get up to speed as fast as possible.

Maxwhere operations

Additional features

Manage permissions and access

Customize permissions and access for different teammates.

Thematic, saveable spatial settings

The same virtual space can be used in various ways, readjusted as needed for different kinds of meetings.

3D analytics

Visited and viewed elements and smart board statistics tracked by visitors in a given virtual space.


The benefits of MaxWhere Solutions

Use it with 3D glasses

Intuitive UX, fast onboarding

Installs in minutes

Compatible on any device, regardless of location

Maxwhere operations

Business Management from an elevated dimension

Maxwhere operations

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