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Virtual information technology opens new doors for knowledge sharing and comprehension

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Maxwhere education

A tool that helps you keep pace with your students, today and in the future

Higher education classrooms are filled with a generation that has used digital technology handily since they were children. Traditional educational structures and knowledge sharing methods struggle to capture their attention, as their minds are simply wired differently, trained with an amazing capacity for absorbing visual information.

The generational gap between educators and students can be bridged: MaxWhere’s software offers a proven, familiar environment  for educators, while letting students enthusiastically absorb information in a 3D space, which stimulates the mind’s multi-dimensional capacities for organization and focus. This results in faster information intake and a deeper understanding of connections.

Maxwhere education

With MaxWhere, educators can share knowledge in a more inspirational and memorable way. The enhanced experience is reflected in student evaluations of the university and individual professors.


MaxWhere Education is completely reforming learning

Maxwhere education

Lower costs, better experiences

Introducing MaxWhere’s virtual education environment is surprisingly cost-effective, as it doesn’t require any new hardware. Virtual laboratory experiments also ensure zero depreciation of equipment.

A new dimension of knowledge sharing

Instead of files, share virtual spaces furnished with valuable educational materials, web apps, documents, and videos, which help deepen comprehension and long-term retention.

Faster learning and more effective collaboration

Current and former students will enthusiastically recall the inspiring 3D learning spaces. These environments help make deeper learning connections by 50%, while speeding up project work by 30%.

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Maxwhere education


Digital laboratory

A true-to-life digital twin of a laboratory, production process, or development site in a virtual space, where students can create simulations and experiment cost-effectively in real time, with zero risks.

Limitless tests and simulation

By using lifelike 3D models of physical objects, settings and processes, practice tests are more memorable and cost-effective. All of your students can use the virtual lab at once without time restrictions, and the lab exercises can be repeated as many times as needed.

Secure training with zero depreciation

Neither the instructor nor the students are put out to any danger. There is no equipment depreciation: Virtual devices don’t break, even as they perfectly simulate everyday tasks or dangerous situations, which also help students gain a necessary understanding of negative experiences.

Interactive site visit from anywhere

With the digital laboratory, an entire production plant or site can be modelled in real time, letting students explore dangerous zones safely.

Problem simulation

The app’s rule-based engine connects different systems and notifies you if something in the simulation is not functioning properly. This lets you prepare students for extreme or catastrophic situations using multilayered environments.

Comprehension boosting smart boards

The virtual lab space can be further enriched with smart boards that present videos or documents that help make deeper connections.

Virtual classrooms

Interactive digital locations that provide space for real-time teaching, and use visual solutions to help students comprehend complex processes, documents and various information sources.

Organize your e-learning software more effectively

You don’t have to move your existing digital material to a new platform. Your tried and tested e-learning software can be used perfectly in MaxWhere’s virtual space, which complements your tools with even more presentation and teaching opportunities.

Memorable presentations, improved knowledge sharing

For students, making learning connections is improved by the use of smart boards that can be arranged throughout the virtual classroom where you can simultaneously display different software, web apps, videos, or documents.

A realistic educational experience, without physical limitations

Any number of students can log into the same virtual classroom at the same time. They’ll participate in an identical setting with the same smart board assets, while they easily collaborate with each other in the classroom.

The new dimension of sharing

Instead of files, share virtual spaces, with learning materials clearly organized beforehand on the smart boards. Your spatial setting can also outline the course syllabus visually, to support the learning process.

Similar settings for better retention

Your students can use the same virtual space to participate in class, learn the course material, complete their homework and finish any relevant project work, thus making the space a tool for long-term retention.

Maxwhere education

Smart campus

A virtual university space with a limitless number of educational spaces and smart boards, that support the learning experience, while securing dedicated spaces for exams and student-teacher consultations.

Spaces for both learning and socializing

Create a single classroom, or a campus community setting enriched with virtual spaces, where any number of students and teachers can spend time together.

A virtual setting adjusted to the learning material

A new space can be spun up for every subject or project and customized at any point in time within a given subject, to actively adjust to the relevant teaching methods.

Private teacher’s office, available to educators around the clock

Collect and organize all of your documents and preferred softwares and webapps, to quickly access and manage them anywhere, from any device.

True-to-life remote learning

Classrooms can be accessed by teachers and students from a computer or smart device in real-time during classes. After the presentation, the classroom becomes a file-sharing platform for any additional materials or supporting documents.

Teach in an inspiring environment

Support retention and improve focus by transforming your classroom into a visually inspiring virtual environment without the limitations of a physical space.

Maxwhere education

Additional features

Manage permissions

Customize permissions and access for students and other educators.

Authenticate student data

Authenticate a digital student journal, track and grade coursework and papers electronically.

Intuitive to use, with a short learning curve

Speed up knowledge sharing with a software that can be learned in minutes by students and teachers.

Real-time feedback on student’s focus

3D analytics let you track each student’s attention, focus, and learning style.

The benefits of MaxWhere Solutions

Use it with 3D glasses

Intuitive UX, fast onboarding

Installs in minutes

Compatible on any device, regardless of location

Maxwhere education

Entertaining information exchange between all generations

Maxwhere education

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