About us

We are MaxWhere

We believe in moving our users and those interested in the creative, cool and efficient world of 3D as seamlessly as possible, maxing out the benefits without all of the clutter.

About us

How do we envision this?

We provide full range of motion in a life-like setting, enhancing our solution with non-intrusive features that you can really use and that does not take your attention away from your real focus points.

We believe 3D can help everyone if it is easy to use and doesn’t have layers of clutter.

About us

Continuous development

We continuously develop our feature sets, moving from 3D spaces and 3D object visualization to 2D content and project enablement through smart boards, as well as the integration of your favourite tools.

We believe in collaboration to the maximum as long as it really focuses your work and doesn’t distract.


Our Mission

MaxWhere’s mission is to inspire 3D digital nativity by making virtual spaces naturally accessible to all users.

About us

Digital experience

This virtual environment elevates the digital experience by stimulating the 3D awareness of the brain in a unique manner

Increase connectivity

Our users run applications that increase connectivity, productivity and the conduct of business through industrial, commercial and educational use cases.

Continuous development

The set of ever-evolving MaxWhere 3D spaces, tools, and applications allows us or other developers to enable the digital user to move into and inhabit their virtual space with ease.

About us

Our Current Openings

Come join one of the hottest technology companies growing from Hungary to the region!

About us

Meet the Team

Prof Dr. Baranyi Péter


Dr. Galambos Péter


Dr. Csapó Ádám


Hetényi Márk


Budai-Tüske Gábor


Szilágyi Enikő