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MaxWhere is a tool of the 21st century

MaxWhere is a tool of the 21st century that moves you from the stale world of 2D to 3D with ease.
We specifically focused on ability to use our system without the need for lofty, costly and complicated overheads – both in terms of infrastructure and in terms of disturbances to the spatial experience.


We want our users to feel at ease in 3D, not be overwhelmed and to be able to move in at the click of a button – all the while enjoying the benefits of 3D and better representation of 2D content.

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Guided tours around the 3D spaces

Our spaces have pre-built stories, helping you move around through pre-defined vantage points.
Use the keyboard arrows to walk along the storyline.

Make content come to life

Point your viewfinder on a smartboard, after clicking on it your can edit its content to your liking.

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