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Maxwhere product showcase

The experience of visual discovery is stronger than any other stimulus

It’s common practice for consumers to purchase high-value, premium products, choosing from photos in print or digital catalogs. Why? Because keeping the entire product portfolio with each variation in stock would be almost impossible. Whichever producer or reseller is better able to showcase their wares thus logically enjoys an unbeatable advantage.

MaxWhere Product Showroom’s newest 3D showcasing technology combines a simulation of sensory processes happening in real life with virtually acquired experiences, which has at least as big of a positive effect on consumer decision-making as personal impressions.Virtual showrooms also provide shoppers with a unique opportunity to test and compare various products and models, helping dispel consumer doubts and significantly speed up the purchase process.

Maxwhere product showcase

MaxWhere’s Product Showroom is much more than 3D product showcasing software: As a high-quality, psychological tool, It’s ability to realistically present products and imitate their use provides the human mind with an experience that perfectly matches the real thing.


Elevate your sales to a new dimension with MaxWhere innovation

Maxwhere product showcase

Simultaneous sensory stimulation to boost sales

MaxWhere’s virtual showroom doesn’t just put products up for sale in 3D - it reimagines the sales space itself as well. In this engaging, true-to-life virtual setting, product documentation and videos are also put on an engaging display. With the help of simultaneous sensory stimulation, shoppers are able to understand the facts quickly and reach a purchase decision 30% faster.

Cost-effectiveness meets continuous updates

While creating and maintaining a live product showroom requires serious financial investment, and incurs tons of fixed costs, MaxWhere provides an endless stream of variable spaces that you can design and adjust to match the current season, latest trends, and consumer demands - quickly and cost-effectively.

Automate sales with the power of self-persuasion

The potential buyers that walk into the unique universe of MaxWhere’s Product Showroom can relive the childlike experience of discovery without disruptions, poring over realistic 3D objects, testing them risk-free and without the annoying presence of a salesperson eyeing their every move. What more do you need to convince yourself about a purchase?

Maxwhere product showcase

Top features

Multi-dimensional and interactive product showcasing opportunities

From diamond rings to tractor-trailers, any type or size of object can be 3D scanned and recreated in MaxWhere’s Product Showroom with 100% accuracy from every angle.

Product use can also be simulated perfectly: Shoppers can turn the wares on, test every parameter, and the product will work the same way it does in real life.

Consumers can customize a given product, or compare them with other products by the manufacturer isntantly in the 3D space.

Maxwhere product showcase

Captivating 3D product salons and testing sites that imitate reality

Instead of an empty background, 3D objects are placed in a full-scale, captivatingly engineered virtual salon or simulation site, which helps the consumer comprehend the premium quality of the product or discover an exciting feature.

Any number of smart boards can be placed around the product in the virtual salon, which can display educational videos, classic product catalogs, detailed specifications, or even interactive games.

Webshops done differently

At the moment, most webshops are satisfied with 2D photos and videos of their products. Even if there is a 3D image, there’s not much you can do with it besides turn it around.

MaxWhere reimagines the concept of webshops, putting shoppers into interactive, simulation experiences, which helps them deeply understand the product to make faster, better-researched purchase decisions.

Because almost every webshop motor can be perfectly integrated into MaxWhere’s system, you can profit from the software’s innovative product showcasing solutions with little additional resource investment.

Beyond the salon: 3D virtual malls

Together, multiple brands using MaxWhere’s salons can create a combined experience, imitating shopping malls that can be visited from the comfort of your own home.

Shoppers can choose from various stores, or socialize in visually engaging 3D cafes or community spaces, which spur the same casual or planned meetings that would happen in real life.

Maxwhere product showcase

Detailed analytics precisely track consumer behavior for higher sales

Collect immediate, real-time data on consumer activity and preferences in your virtual salon

Get exceptionally detailed and thorough statistics on shoppers’ behavior, the virtual spaces they’ve walked through, and 3D objects and smart boards they’ve looked at, to instantly fine-tune your marketing and sales strategies

Maxwhere product showcase

Additional features

Manage permissions flexibly

Customize permissions and access for different teammates.

Optional avatars

Enjoy MaxWhere virtual spaces with VR glasses or avatars as needed, though even without these tools the consumer interactivity will remain.

Thematic, saveable spatial settings

The 3D showroom can be adjusted and redesigned to fit your needs, the season, or a specific theme.

Accessible on mobile devices

Shoppers can use an internet connection and browser to get the full 3D experience.

The benefits of MaxWhere Solutions

Use it with 3D glasses

Intuitive UX, fast onboarding

Installs in minutes

Compatible on any device, regardless of location

Maxwhere product showcase

Products that sell themselves

Maxwhere Product showcase

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