STEAM upgrade

STEAM upgrade

The aim of this project is to create digital competence assessment model for STEAM learning; learning modules for the development of STEAM competencies among primary, basic and secondary education teachers; an open repository of study materials and a virtual STEAM laboratory for submitting study materials and a guide for using the materials.

MaxWhere is a partner of the STEAM upgrade project,
led by Tallinn University.

STEAM upgrade

Upgrading pre- and in-service teachers' digital skills with online STEAM hands-on training modules.

Six universities from Europe and 2 technology-related companies from Hungary are participating in the project. MaxWhere is one of these 2 companies.

The universities that are involved in this project had already close cooperation with one another in various configurations, including past Erasmus+ projects.

They all share interests in developing innovative learning environments for enhancing pre-service and in-service teacher education with key competences and digital skills, ICT, and particularly in the field of STEAM education. They have already functioning innovative education labs and/or extensive background in innovative learning research with various focuses.

The project is led by Tallinn University.

project materials

Project Materials

Below you can find the Project Materials related to the STEAM upgrade project, in 6 different languages.

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