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Maxwhere conferences

When the online experience is more engaging than real life

MaxWhere conferences replace disruptive, digital chaos with high-quality
quality, interest-stimulating and attention-grabbing experiences for participants. Both participants and speakers will find their place in virtual space, with content that can be consumed however you prefer and a range of presentation opportunities to choose from.

Both participants and presenters will feel a part of a 3-dimensional, true-to-life location, and can enjoy the interactivity, visual discovery, shared conversations, and sensory stimulation that comes with it. On top of that, virtual conferences take place without crowds, travel, discomfort, or climate pollution.

Maxwhere conferences

MaxWhere’s versatile visual space is designed to stimulate the human mind’s receptive capabilities, making it a unique solution for a virtual conference.


MaxWhere elevates conference participation and organization to a new dimension

Maxwhere conferences

Enjoyable presentations, intensive interaction

Similar to real life, MaxWhere’s conference spaces offer multiple presentation surfaces at once, which boost understanding and participant engagement with simultaneous - and clear - information sharing. Virtual spaces set up this way help deepen connections by 50% and speed up understanding by 30%.

True-to-life experience at a fraction of the price

MaxWhere secures all of the cost-cutting advantages of virtual conferences: Nix the rental fees, catering, security, sound engineering, and travel fees, while providing participants and presenters a realistic, memorable and impressive conference experience.

Conference organizing software in a transparent system

MaxWhere’s comprehension-boosting virtual spaces don’t just benefit the conference. Work with your team in a virtual space customized to your workflow while you’re organizing the event. Use your preferred software stack in a 3D space, to make independent tasks and teamwork more transparent and effective.

Maxwhere conferences

Top Features

Exciting, unique conference spaces with limitless opportunities

The sky’s the limit when it comes to what imaginary building or tropical island you want to house your conference in - brought to life with captivatingly realistic 3D graphics.

The visuals will nail the participants to the screen — and they won’t want to leave. The unique spatial experience captures their full attention and focuses it on the presentation, just as it would in an in-person location.

The virtual space can be reused and reorganized any number of times, with serious cost-saving benefits.

Presentation tools that support understanding and engagement

Compared to presentations shared on a video call, Maxwhere’s spaces provide presenters with a much more versatile opportunity: share the material on multiple surfaces at once during the presentation.

Presenters can easily connect with their preferred video call software: Any platform is easily integrated into the space.

During the presentation, the smart boards strengthen the discovery experience for participants. Videos, photos, documents, interactive games, and supplemental information presented on them deepen their understanding of the information.

Maxwhere conferences

Authentic audience interaction

The connection with conference participants also becomes more interactive with MaxWhere spaces, which further heightens engagement levels.

By ‘stepping up’ to the microphone, audience members can ask questions and appear in the live video stream.

Present chat windows, quizzes, and polls on smart boards during or after the presentation.

Maxwhere conferences

Virtual coffee breaks create new, valuable connections

MaxWhere’s 3D conference space expressly supports the serendipitous and strategic meetings characteristic of real conferences, be it during a coffee break, an organized banquet or a community event. Participants can ‘run into each other’ in a delightfully furnished cafe, where tables can even be organized by topic. The conversations they drop into at any given table are just as spontaneous as they would be in real life.

Installation and product showcasing opportunities

In addition to conferences, MaxWhere’s 3D location provides interactive exhibition opportunities for participating companies and sponsors.

Product showcases: 3D scan detail-rich objects to showcase them - and even demo them - realistically in a virtual space.

Stands can be created for exhibitors, where they can hold live demos and talk to visitors.

Maxwhere conferences

Laser-targeted ad surfaces for greater profit

Attention-grabbing sponsored surfaces and objects can be placed throughout the interactive space. The advantage of these ads is that their novelty sidesteps ad blindness and engages participants. They can also be analyzed with precise analytics.

Exceptional targeting: Ads can be adjusted based on the presentation topic, to reach the target audience in the most precise way possible.

In addition to visually impressive smart board banners, you can introduce advertised objects in 3D - to display even a car or a tractor 100% realistically.

Maxwhere conferences

Additional Features

Manage permissions flexibly

In addition to assigning permissions to organizers and presenters, you can also manage participants, depending on what presentations they are registered to see.

3D analytics

Compared to analytics measured on a web platform, 3D behavioral analytics provide more detailed statistics about visitors: Virtual spaces visited and viewed information is tracked, as well as the popularity of ad spaces and presenters.

Limitless audience seats

The same virtual space can be visited by any number of participants from anywhere in the world, removing the need for seat limitations as well as presentation time limits.

Recorded presentations

Make your event lasting. Participants can step into the same virtual space to revisit a past presentation and look over the additional materials on the smart boards.


The benefits of MaxWhere Solutions

Use it with 3D glasses

Intuitive UX, fast onboarding

Installs in minutes

Compatible on any device, regardless of location

Maxwhere conferences

Experience unforgettable conferences

Maxwhere conferences

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