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Maxwhere Trade show

When virtual participation is at least as valuable as the in-person event

In recent times, tradeshow and market organizers have needed to come up with innovative solutions to replace live events. MaxWhere’s unique Trade Show software products have proven that virtual markets born of outside constraints can bring even more opportunities than their live counterparts.

The virtual solution has become a valid alternative to professional exhibits that require in-person participation, even when events aren’t limited by external factors. With MaxWhere, visitors, event organizers, and exhibitors alike all benefit, as the 3D events copy sensory-stimulating happenings from real life to create a virtual experience that’s at least as engaging and impactful - with exponentially lower organizational costs.


MaxWhere’s visualization spaces are based on psychological research to build on the mind’s multi-dimensional sensory processing capabilities and create the same impression on visitors as real life events.


MaxWhere makes professional exhibits more exciting and impactful - in one go

Maxwhere Trade show

The art of persuasion in a virtual space

3D stalls at MaxWhere Trade Shows provide visualization opportunities that stimulate multiple senses simultaneously. This supports information intake by virtual participants and speeds up comprehension by 30%. The gain is easily used to power a persuasive effect, which you can further support using our attention-capturing presentation tools.

Lower costs, higher engagement

MaxWhere ensures all of the cost-saving advantages of virtual markets, without compromising the visitor experience. In contrast to live events, you don’t need to spend on catering, hosting, tech support, or  travel and accommodation fees, to keep your focus on the products and services on display.

Direct sales opportunities

While in-person markets and exhibits enrich visitors with a positive first impression and experience, MaxWhere’s solution takes visitors across the entire sales journey, from virtual stand to complete webshop, for instant, real-time sales.

Maxwhere Trade show

Top features

Unique stands with limitless opportunities

Finally, a stand that doesn’t incur construction challenges or compromises. Your imagination is the only limit to how enticingly you present yourself.

Moving around in 3D space lets visitors freely decide what truly interests them - just like at a live event. The feeling of discovery generates higher interest in the showcased products and services.

Reuse and adjust purchased virtual stands as many times as you want, for serious organizational cost savings.

Maxwhere Trade show

Presentation opportunities that support understanding and decision-making

Product showcases: Any object (from coffee cups to tractors) can be 3D scanned into the space, regardless of their size. Models represent the object 100% realistically and can even be tested.

Live demos and conversations: Virtual stands provide the same connection opportunities that a live setup would.

Smart boards: Set up as many as you need around your stand, to support your wares with educational videos, product catalogs, specifications or interactive games.

Networking and relationship-building with other participants

MaxWhere Trade Show’s 3D experience encourages the same serendipitous and planned meetings that happen at live events. Instead of wandering alone, visitors experience a real social event, but this time, without unnecessary crowds.

Visitors can ‘run into’ each other at stands or in virtual community spaces designed specifically for meetups, where they can even have a video or chat conversation.

Detailed analytics and statistics for maximum impact

Organizers and exhibitors get instant, real-time feedback on tradeshow events, visitor activity and visitor preferences.

Detailed statistics on visitor behavior, the virtual spaces they’ve walked through and information they’ve viewed, as well as ad platforms, help optimize ROI in real-time and also for future exhibits and markets.

Maxwhere Trade show

Any number of visitors can arrive from anywhere

Live markets and exhibits are most limited by geographic accessibility and the upper limit of available space. Organizing them usually requires a big investment and tons of compromises, while real success usually comes at the cost of a majority of the participants’ visitor experience.

MaxWhere’s solution lets you create successful trade shows without limits to space or visitor count. Serious buyers can participate from anywhere in the world - and from the comfort of their own home.

Maxwhere Trade show

Additional features

Flexibly manage permissions

Different permissions can be created for participants, be they organizers or visitors, who can only step into the virtual spaces that their ticket gives them access to.

Optional avatars

Enjoy MaxWhere virtual spaces with VR glasses or avatars as needed, though even without these tools the visitor engagement experience will remain.

Limitless number of stands and stand sizes

Unlike physical settings, you can offer any number of virtual stands in any size to your exhibitors.

Accessible on mobile devices

Participation doesn’t require any additional app installation.Visitors can use an internet connection and browser to participate in the full experience.

The benefits of MaxWhere Solutions

Use it with 3D glasses

Intuitive UX, fast onboarding

Installs in minutes

Compatible on any device, regardless of location

Maxwhere Trade show

Impressive virtual spaces that elevate sales

Maxwhere Trade show

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