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Maxwhere exhibitions

Replace limitations with inspiring, emotionally impactful opportunities

Until recently, the concept of virtual exhibitions meant compromises by both exhibitors and artists, who were forced to come up with limited solutions, to exhibit a reproduced alternative of a real exhibition.

MaxWhere Exhibition’s virtual world rewrites everything: By putting the latest technological innovations into the service of better visitor experiences and knowledge sharing, both artists and participants can feel they’re part of an exciting, true-to-life environment. The action and 3D pieces in the space engage visitors and allows them to explore via a tangible experience, just as they would in a real gallery. This ideal visitor experience isn’t marred by pushy crowds or uncomfortable situations.

Maxwhere exhibitions

MaxWhere’s unique visual spaces and solutions offer a more personal and directed discovery experience than ever


Maxwhere Exhibitions is an inspiring partner for cultural curators and artists

Maxwhere exhibitions

True-to-life experiences in customizable spaces

Exhibits can be created in any kind of exciting space - there are no mandatory wall space regulations, strict structures, or spatial limitations. A museum or exhibition space can be uniquely designed to create breathtaking settings.

An independent exhibition space for artists

Artists no longer have to wait for a gallery invite in order to present their work in a worthy setting. With MaxWhere Exhibitions, they can create virtual exhibitions of any size, and control all of the organizational details.

A new dimension of virtual exhibit guides

Use the perfect opportunity to knowledgeably guide visitors: Instead of letting them wander aimlessly, create the ideal visitor route across different themes. Combine it with live or recorded guides for an unforgettable experience.

Maxwhere exhibitions

Main Features

True-to-life impressions of 3D scanned pieces and artifacts

3D scanned statues, paintings and exhibition pieces create an unbelievably realistic show. In a virtual space, visitors can examine them up close to discover the details in depth.

The digital space helps alleviate disproportionate sizes: A sphinx and an antique pitcher can both be placed into the same space. The size of your objects is irrelevant, because they can be scaled to any degree.

Maxwhere exhibitions

Smart boards that support understanding and interactivity

MaxWhere’s virtual space provides a more multilayered experience than a traditional exhibit. The displayed pieces are bolstered by smart boards that support further discovery. The additional videos, photos, documents, interactive games, and educational materials place the pieces into context, to better understand the era or artist that created it.

Maxwhere exhibitions

Deeper, more intensive visitor interaction

With MaxWhere, your relationship with visitors becomes interactive, because it actively involves them in the discovery and understanding process.

Live guided tours in a virtual spaces let visitors ask questions just as they would in-person, providing them with opportunities to deepen their appreciation of the pieces.

Smart boards let you display quizzes and polls that entertain visitors during virtual tours.

Space for merchandising

Scan the museum gift shop’s entire stock to make it available to visitors in a webshop, during and after their visit.

The pieces that impressed each visitor the most are tracked by MaxWhere analytics, which sends them with a digital merch brochure on it directly after their visit.

Exhibited pieces can instantly be auctioned, with the highest bid tracked on a neighbording smart board.

Sponsors can customize super-targeted advertisements to select visitor demographics.

Any number of visitors, from anywhere

MaxWhere Exhibitions gives visitors and curators a new kind of freedom:

Global representation of local artists: Without geographic limitations, artists can finally enjoy worldwide reach.

Visitors can visit an open exhibition whenever, from the comfort of their own home. Crowds are no longer an issue, as any number of people fit into a virtual space.

Maxwhere exhibitions

Additional Features

Flexible permissions

Manage visitor permissions according to the kind of ticket a visitor purchased, and set which exhibition spaces they can enter.

3D analytics

Detailed statistics about visitor behavior: the spaces they were in, pieces they viewed, as well as their smart board interactions.

Conveniently reusable spaces

Spaces can be easily adjusted to the given exhibit. Multiple exhibits can be built simultaneously in the same spatial arrangement.

The benefits of MaxWhere Solutions

Use it with 3D glasses

Intuitive UX, fast onboarding

Installs in minutes

Compatible on any device, regardless of location

Maxwhere exhibitions

Enchanting impressions without the physical barriers

Maxwhere Exhibitions

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