For designers
For designers, we let your design concepts go free – play around in our 3D spaces and come up with your own ideas – for spaces, 3D objects, applications and features, as well entirely new business models. Come share these and if we find our celestial harmony we do the 3D lifting with you.
For 3D Graphics Experts
If you have the 3D graphics expertise, learn how to use our Blender and Max functionality to make your spaces and objects come to life in MaxWhere. We are fully open to you coming on board and creating your own spaces in MaxWhere which will then have features and functionality enabled by our platform. Come design and create.
For Developers
If you are a full stack developer, MaxWhere is set up architecturally and in terms of our openness to serve your needs. Come develop your own features, components, and applications in our MaxWhere space. Find more here as to developer materials.

For our avid fans who want to get their hands dirty, MaxWhere has plenty to offer. From spatial design, to 3D graphics, culminating in full stack development - we have it all. Stay tuned or contact us directly to learn more on how you can get involved.

Our army grows day-by-day. Become one of our agents and see why James Bond gave up his spy career. If you want to go one step further, become a reseller. And if you have the guts, the brains and want the glory, think up your own 3D business model. Get in touch. Make it happen.

You can also go full scope, and rather than just hook us up, you can become a distributor where you can own various aspects of the customer relationship, managing the spaces, contents, events and all the rest – this is big time, baby!
Agent 007
A standard set of MaxWhere knowledge, tools, contracts, documents and a lightsaber will help you attain MaxWhere Jedi status. May the force be with you. Our repository of options, standard contracts, training material, plus our friendly selves will ensure that you can walk the path and know the path … and bend the spoon.
Business Modeller
The ultimate path to nirvana is if you come up with your own business line or business model – we work it out together, we provide you with the backend and the platform, but the entire show is your. Put powered by MaxWhere in the corner and off you go!
How can we make MaxWhere work for you?
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