MaxWhere Operations

Integrate your operations with MaxWhere 3D

At the heart of our MaxWhere solution is a solution to make your operative and office environment more efficient – to cut the costs of your business and to engage your employees with the task at hand. 

Operation centres

Our operations centres, which are now being used at multiple companies allow factories, manufacturing centres, logistics centres, security and other operations centers to access a more effective operations centre layout either on site or remotely, bringing focus and efficiency to your operations.

Effective processes

Our integrated traffic light systems, as well as the combination of reports with 3D layouts allow operators to focus on those areas requiring their attention – either to handle situations requiring immediate attention, or to make the process more effective.

Smart office solutions

Our smart office solutions allow you to place offices in whichever space you wish, and to bring your own personalized content or projects with you at the click of a button.

Tailored experience

Use our spaces to perform maintenance and repair, as well as installation procedures offsite, giving your customers and users a tailored coaching experience which they can re-view and appreciate.

Content management

With automated content management to support the MaxWhere solution, you can pull up projects and content, collaborate and work together with our peers in person or remotely, enhancing the experience and making everyone more productive.

Easy to use

Although we have a VR glass solution as well, we believe that the cooperative experience is best served without lofty infrastructure, allowing full undisturbed cooperation between all team members – whether in person or remote, using the same space. 

Fancy having your own 3D operation center?

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