MaxWhere 8.0.0 is here!

MaxWhere 8 is here with the new Banner Widget. Download now and try it yourself!

The new MaxWhere 8 is now available! MaxWhere team is proud to say that users come from various industries and backgrounds, but all are looking for better ways to work, educate or present ideas. Now we bring you a new feature to unleash your creativity – a new SmartBoard type called “Banner Widget”. This widget makes importing and modifying SVG files in MaxWhere easy. 

We also made it easier to sign in to MaxWhere by implementing social login for the web portal.

Learn more about the Banner Widget:

• You can access it in the SmartBoard settings by selecting it from the drop-down menu.

• Import SVG files and a transparent display is also available.

• It keeps the aspect ratio automatically after resizing.

• It keeps the SVG centred in the SmartBoard.

• Use the embedded SVG editor to modify its content.

The embedded SVG editor:

• Opens a canvas inside the SmartBoard

• You can draw & colour different shapes or choose from templates

• Type & format text with the textbox feature

• Import other SVG files in the editor

Faster login:

• Now you can log in to the web portal with your Google, Facebook or Apple account.

• And you can log in faster in the desktop version using the new “Sign in with MaxWhere portal” button.

You can use your previous projects and spaces immediately after downloading and logging in to MaxWhere 8.

Hope you make exciting new projects in MaxWhere. Our team is here to help you if you need assistance.

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