3 types of business management tools that you can integrate into your MaxWhere space

You can integrate almost everything into MaxWhere – but these are the ones we recommend for business efficiency.

Great efficiency solution for small businesses

In any enterprise, disorganized company documents and confusing processes can lead to a loss of productivity, especially when there is a need for quick reactions. Document management and project management are often not organized enough in small companies. Typical challenges are when salespeople need to find the contract with the partner immediately, but it is on the office manager's computer in a hard-to-reach subfolder. Projects are managed in e-mails, and it is difficult to track who stopped the process. Or there is no common virtual space where you can quickly find out how the project is progressing.

Even the most organized teams, equipped with efficient software, can encounter complexities in project management. To gain a competitive advantage, companies strive to optimize their administrative and project management processes. However, achieving this efficiency can be challenging, often requiring external expertise, which is not cost-effective.

When company documents are scattered and disorganized, it becomes difficult to locate essential information and collaborate effectively. Miscommunication and delays can occur, impacting productivity and hindering timely decision-making. Similarly, complex project management processes can lead to confusion, missed deadlines, and cost overruns. To overcome these challenges, organizations seek to streamline their operations and implement best practices.

Your 3D control room - with room for a personal corner for your files & apps

Digital tools for business efficiency

To achieve a competitive advantage, your company has to make the administrative and project management processes as efficient as possible. This involves identifying bottlenecks, optimizing workflows, and leveraging technology solutions to automate repetitive tasks. But how is this possible when everyday tasks also fill working hours?

It is worth taking the time to introduce new digital solutions. With their help, you can assess the current state of administrative and project management processes, identify areas for improvement, and design and implement effective solutions. So your company can streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and ultimately achieve a competitive advantage.

Integrate the best efficiency software into your MaxWhere space

Efficiency software is very important for organised project management, but it is not enough to use them. If we just increase the number of windows that can be opened on colleagues' computers, it will lead to chaos again. Therefore, it is necessary to use an integration solution that organizes the tools and the data and files required for them into an easy-to-follow workflow. This is MaxWhere.  

MaxWhere provides a unique 3D display environment, which allows users to navigate through different 3D spaces like in a video game. Within these spaces, users can place various boards called SmartBoards, enabling them to integrate software screens or display fully customized information flows. This concept allows users to work within a virtual space that closely resembles a physical environment, complete with reference points for easy navigation. Read more about our solution for small businesses here.  

Working in a 3D display environment like MaxWhere offers several benefits over traditional methods. For instance, finding specific information becomes much easier compared to searching through digital folders or file systems. This 3D visual solution provides a more intuitive and efficient way to access and manage information.

MaxWhere's 3D display environment also enhances collaboration and productivity. By simulating a physical workspace, team members can interact with the SmartBoards, share screens, and collaborate on projects in a more natural and immersive manner. This approach reduces communication barriers and facilitates a seamless workflow, as users can navigate the virtual environment and access information with ease.

Add HR-related files likes CVs, calendars, presentations into this corner & organize better

Project management tools

Trello, ClickUp, Asana, Sharepoint... Just a few options to see your daily tasks and their hierarchy and follow complex projects. There are a lot of versatile web-based project management applications designed to accommodate various needs and work styles. Whether it's sales and marketing, HR, or software development, these allow teams to customize their functionality to suit their specific project management requirements. The most popular project management tools provide flexible organizational tools such as tags, labels, and categories, allowing users to categorize and prioritize tasks and projects efficiently. This feature helps teams stay organized and focused, enabling quick identification and tracking of project elements. We recommend those with a wide range of integrations including popular tools like Google Drive, Slack, and Jira.  


We highly recommend your company an integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution. can utilize the same database, facilitating collaboration on projects, campaigns, and tasks. A CRM solution centralizes customer data, providing a unified view of interactions, deals, and communications. This helps you build and nurture strong relationships with customers, enhancing customer retention and driving growth. A good CRM has customer service ticketing systems, which allow you to manage and resolve customer queries and issues efficiently. This feature helps you provide prompt and personalized support, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. A CRM software’s advantage is that it provides robust reporting and analytics tools for sales teams. You can track key metrics, monitor sales performance, and gain valuable insights to make data-driven decisions. These features enable you to optimize your sales strategies and improve overall performance. As a bonus, you can create automated email marketing workflows and forms to engage with your audience effectively. These workflows automate various marketing tasks, such as sending personalized emails and managing customer interactions, saving you time and effort.

Real-time collaboration tools

Forget about the many file versions and the chaos of collaboration! You need software to create, document, discuss, and organize the stuff that your team works on. With real-time collaboration tools like Google Workspace, OneDrive or the more advanced Bit.ai, you can create interactive documents, organize content in different workspaces and folders, collaborate, and chat with your team in real-time. The most practical solutions include productivity and collaboration tools for all the ways that we work: custom business email, cloud storage, word processing, video and voice conferencing, team messaging, presentation building, shared calendars, and so on.

SmartBoard example: import your budgets from sharepoint and start working more effectively

Integrate all the tools in one 3D space for the most effective ways of working!

With its successful implementation in large companies over the years, MaxWhere has proven its effectiveness as a powerful tool for information management and collaboration. By combining the familiarity of physical spaces with the advantages of digital technology, MaxWhere revolutionizes the way we work and interact with information.

MaxWhere offers customization options, allowing users to tailor their virtual spaces and boards according to their specific needs. This flexibility enables individuals and teams to create an environment that mirrors their workflow, optimizing efficiency and organization.

In summary, MaxWhere introduces a 3D display environment that enhances information management and collaboration. By simulating physical spaces and offering customizable virtual boards, MaxWhere provides an intuitive and efficient way to navigate and access information. This innovative approach improves productivity, fosters collaboration, and streamlines workflows, making it a valuable solution for companies seeking to optimize their operations.

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