MaxWhere: a digital solution for small and medium-sized companies that eliminates office chaos

A 3D software to eliminate the headache caused by finding project files & documentation.

Create order between documents, projects and windows

Family company: the CEO manages a good part of the administration and sales in one hand, handles the hiring of new colleagues, and even had to take care of their purchasing work. Who can manage thoroughly in such a situation? By the end of the day, the e-mails are mixed up, the attachments end up in a hole in the folder system of the laptop, and if you need something quickly, it becomes extremely frustrating to find it.

Small construction company whose office manager handles legal and financial documentation, invoicing and HR in one person, as well as assisting in purchasing. For this, you need pieces of 4-5 software, a mail client and an online or offline office application package for texts and tables. Even for the simplest task, this means 5-10 open windows to switch between. If you need background information for invoicing, accounting for travel expenses, and purchasing, this number only grows.

Two-person photography-graphics business, who have to organize thousands of photos and use many applications for graphic work, between which they have to switch many times during their daily tasks. A lot of time is spent with this clicking, and the right folder is always not there when you indeed need it.

Familiar situations? Unorganized company documents and confusing processes, especially if you have to react suddenly, can bring chaos. But even the most organized team, using the most efficient software, runs into the complexities of project management. A company that wants to achieve a competitive advantage makes its administrative and project management processes as efficient as possible. However, this is a difficult task, and in many cases, an external expert is required.

Plenty of room for your files and documents in 3D

MaxWhere's solution for small and medium-sized businesses

MaxWhere, developed by Hungarian IT and cognitive specialists, which has been proven for years at large companies, combines all these advantages. The software is a 3D display environment in which we can open various 3D spaces, and in the spaces, we can place various boards (SmartBoards) on which we can integrate software screens or display fully customized information flows. That is, we can work as if we were doing our work in the physical space, where many reference points help us navigate. Imagine how much easier it is to find a flashy blue folder in an office than a file named pricequote.doc in a file system.

The software is available in English and can be downloaded for free by clicking here. After registration, you can try out many demo spaces, view spaces created by others, and purchase your own, which you can then customize.

It looks like a game but this could be your new management & operations room.

Project management in MaxWhere

We can integrate these applications and websites into one space and organize different workflows under different projects. Thus, when it is HR's turn, only the attendance record, the payroll software and the bank transfer interface are visible on the SmartBoards of the given space. And if the office manager switches to invoicing, the invoicing software and the related documents are visible. The project management software and the e-mail client window can be common elements in the two projects, so they remain in the space, no matter which project is open. You can even display the team building pictures on the wall to one side - as a decoration.

Switch between projects quickly.

3D software to increase office efficiency?

It sounds surprising because VR solutions are not primarily known for document management, administration or project management, which require long concentration and monotonous work. However, MaxWhere is particularly effective because it utilizes the natural processing mechanisms of the human brain with 3D technology, which are much faster than information displayed on 2D surfaces.

MaxWhere is therefore a platform that facilitates the processing of information, which is particularly important in the world of projects. The design and layout of 3D spaces help the user to navigate and process information, and SmartBoards can maximize the user experience provided by MaxWhere's 3D spaces and make work or collaboration 30% more productive than traditional 2D software.

Group your files & documents to work faster

MaxWhere smartboards: 30% more efficient work

In MaxWhere, we can place digital content on smart boards and SmartBoards. These virtual screens are suitable for the user to upload local content stored on his computer, e.g. images, pdfs, presentations, videos, and music. In addition, SmartBoards also serve as web browsers, so we can load websites and web applications on them, such as our online document management or project management software.

In order to make the work go as efficiently as possible, we can fully customize the number, sequence, layout, even size and behaviour of the SmartBoards. There are also special types of SmartBoards that further support the work process by taking care of resource management. We can record these so that users can always start from the same place when entering the space and cannot modify certain information, but SmartBoards can also have dynamic content - the main character is the information flow and the worker. SmartBoard is therefore an important pillar of efficiency in MaxWhere.

SmartBoards: Screens in the rooms to show any folder, sheet, website, pdf, presentation, video, etc.

In this way, we can achieve 30% more efficiency compared to traditional 2D operating systems and software opened in separate windows. This number can be traced back to the fact that MaxWhere, since all information and windows in which the worker has to perform his tasks are integrated into one space, significantly reduces the number of clicks, i.e. we do not have to switch between windows and tabs, it is enough to navigate a little further away from the in space. Not to mention the groupability of SmartBoards, which we call projects. We write about SmartBoards in more detail here.

One-click integration of office applications

There is a wide range of productivity-enhancing applications, even for free, but if they have to be opened in separate windows, it also reduces efficiency. Switching between windows takes a few seconds, but it can also take hours of our work time annually. Within MaxWhere, all common office applications can be integrated, and screens can be grouped in the order that best suits our workflow.

How to get started?

The step-by-step organizing of the document management and project management space

If you've decided to try the benefits of MaxWhere to manage your projects:

1. The first step is to register by clicking here.

2. Then, download MaxWhere, and then follow the instructions to install.

3. Search for Business Management Space in MaxWhere.

Navigation in 3D spaces

When we enter a space, we can navigate like in a video game. We can use a mouse, touchpad or keyboard, or even a touch screen. Navigation is completely intuitive, but our Users’ Guide will help you. You can switch between 3D and 2D navigation modes by clicking the right mouse button. In 2D mode, you will see a regular 2D cursor and can interact with the MaxWhere menu or other applications.

It often happens to our first-time users that they feel lost in space. This is a natural phenomenon, but it disappears completely with practice. To return, press the backspace key on the keyboard. This will take you back to the original point of view when you first opened the space.

Watch the tutorial video to see how easy it is:

SmartBoards and selection panels

Smartboards ensure the integration of various applications, websites and files into MaxWhere spaces. To install a smart board, point the red crosshair at a suitable surface within the given space and start the MaxWhere menu with the right mouse button. Then select the window symbol to access the Add New Smartboard (+) button, which will generate new smartboards. A "New Board" panel will then appear, allowing you to define various characteristics of the new smartboard. We can create a SmartBoard with fixed or dynamically changeable content, and the size and aspect ratio can also be adjusted freely. We can integrate selection panels to facilitate the choice between projects. This is a menu from which we can choose which SmartBoard group to display.

Our tutorial about SmartBoards:


In MaxWhere, projects are used to organize 2D content presented in 3D spaces. In this way, we can manage several workflows in one space, and only the one we need is displayed. Users with editor rights for a given space can create new projects and specify the name, description and other properties of these projects. As part of their projects, they can also incorporate new smartboards that include customized content and features.

Project creators have the option to make their projects public or keep them private but share them with specific users who have viewing or editing privileges. This allows them to control who can access and edit the projects they create.

Projects created in the 3D space usually belong to that particular MaxWhere space. However, depending on their configuration, they can be managed and loaded from different spaces. By default, all projects visible to the currently logged-in user can be found in Project Explorer - that is, in the 2D file manager accessible from the MaxWhere menu. In addition, a specific project can be included in any number of selection panels within the space.

Create your projects with our tutorial:

Try enhanced efficiency with MaxWhere!

Content of the spaces can be fully customized. After purchasing the space, you will have your own copy, which you can customize based on your needs and company workflows. Start by registering here.

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