MaxWhere 7 - The new era of integrated 3D spaces

MaxWhere 7: a revolution in self-created 3D spaces to manage your own journeys, packed with several new features.

MaxWhere 7 – The new era of integrated 3D spaces

We're pleased to deliver to you MaxWhere 7 - a revolution in self-created 3D spaces to manage your own journeys, packed with several new features. The latest version includes Demo Spaces for you to sample MaxWhere features, the ability to clone these into your own spaces, brand new subscription packages, appropriate admin roles, and exciting features that make MaxWhere even more efficient and easier to use.  

Revolutionizing self-service 3D spaces

  • Try MaxWhere Self-Service Features: use our Demo Spaces to sample MaxWhere features
  • Create Your Own Spaces: easily clone your Own Spaces from the Demo Spaces to develop your own flows and experiences for your own user groups.
  • Payment Platform Integration: with all sort’s of pay-as-you-go functionality to make sure you only pay for what you use.
  • Project Explorer: enabling you to tailor and customize all your projects, and give access to the right groups so you can share and collaborate on the experience.
  • New SmartBoard Features: use our self-service, editable SmartBoard feature to publish content in various formats and enable a shared experience.
  • Other Technical Innovations: our new deep-tech physics API enables camera movement as close as possible to real life interaction.

We believe our new MaxWhere 7 will meet all your needs. In order to encourage the transition, we will be sunsetting our older versions – sorry to see them go as they were an important milestone in our journey. Please keep in mind the following dates:

  • MaxWhere 5 will be supported until 2022. 11. 18.  
    After this date, the installation of MaxWhere 5 will no longer be possible, and we will discontinue supporting this version.  If you use this version, please let us know by submitting a ticket at
  • MaxWhere 6 will be supported until 2023. 03. 31.
    You can use your previous projects and spaces immediately after downloading and logging in to MaxWhere 7.

Demo Spaces

One of the most important new features of MaxWhere 7 is the introduction of Demo Spaces – where you can try the extensive feature set of MaxWhere. After playing around in the Demo spaces, use these to clone your Own Space and start your MaxWhere journey for you and your user community.  

Demo spaces can be used for you to try MaxWhere functionality on your own – placing content, making presentations, enabling SmartBoard features. Once you get to know MaxWhere within the Demo space, we are sure you will want your own space, which you can purchase by cloning our ever-growing list of demo spaces.

Do you have your own demo space you want us to include? No problem, feel free to raise a ticket and we will get in touch to integrate your space as soon as possible.

MaxWhere Demo Spaces

Subscriber Packages

Once you decide you want your Own Space, the Space Creator Interface has been developed to manage your own Spaces, assign user access and select the subscription packages you need for your Spaces. This interface allows you to select the Demo Space to start your new space, choose the proper subscription package, and share it with others. The content and pricing of each package have been designed considering the needs of MaxWhere users – making sure you and your user community pay for only what you use.  

There is a limited free version available for micro-communities and non-commercial use, and there are three additional subscription packages to choose from:  

  • Individual package,  
  • Team package,  
  • Business package.  

Buying a package is quick and convenient online, just use a credit card. We have integrated Stripe, one of the most popular online payment platforms.  

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The New Project Explorer

Based on user feedback, the Project Explorer menu has been introduced to replace the Project Editor menu (orange menu) in MaxWhere 7. Users with the proper permissions can see the Projects and Selection Panels of a Space, and easily select, load, and rearrange them.  

We hope this feature will significantly increase the clarity of the content in the Spaces. In addition, the quick ("blue") SmartBoard Editor menu will remain available to manage the placement of SmartBoards in the Space.  

The new Project Explorer and Selection Panels in MaxWhere 7

Administrative Roles in Spaces

To achieve more effective everyday use, we have restructured our permissions system. Within each space, user will have

  • Access right within the entire space itself
  • Access rights associated with particular projects

To see a project, a member of the user community will have to be invited within the space – with various access rights granted as described below. Within the space, you and your user community will have the right to set publicly available projects for all to see, and you can also keep projects entirely private while you work on them, or invitation only thereafter.

Space level access will be granted along the following categories of access:  

  • Space Owner: The Space Owner is the user with a linked account to the Space. Purchases are also made from this account, and the user can invite others to join the Space. The Space Owner sees all content uploaded to the Space. In addition, the Space Owner sets the Admins of the Space.  
  • Space Admin: users with the Space Admin rights can also invite other users to the Space and manage all its content.  
  • Space Editor: Space Editors can create new projects in a Space and upload content into them. They can invite other users already added to the Space to edit and view the projects.  
  • Space Viewer: users who can enter the Space and view the projects shared with them. If they have the rights, they can also edit projects, but they cannot create new projects.

We have also restructured the Project-related permissions and created three groups. This allows not just Space-level but Project-level user management as well.  

  • Project Creator: The Project Creator is the user who created the project. They can be the owners, administrators, or editors of the Space (users with Owner and Admin rights in the Space will automatically obtain Project Creator status for the project). They can modify projects and invite or delete other users as well.  
  • Project Editor: This group of users can edit the content of an existing project and can invite Project Viewers to that project.  
  • Project Viewer: users with whom a project is shared with; they can view but cannot edit the project.  

Additionally, in MaxWhere 7 desktop client (and in future versions), only registered and logged-in users can open Spaces.  

However, no worries if you want to share your Space with someone outside of MaxWhere: no registration is needed to open a Space in our web application. This allows MaxWhere content and Demo Spaces to be easily shared with new users.  

Demo Space for Education

Project-based Daily Operations

As most companies and individual users work on a project basis, MaxWhere 7 has been designed to enable project-based operations. To make this easier for you, accessing and organizing content in MaxWhere 7 is done via projects. Each SmartBoard that is added to the Space must belong to a project. You can add Selection Panels to any project to organize, display, and load projects into the Space enabling you and your team to present content assembled in the most appropriate manner for various user personas.  

Two new features are available in the project settings: autoload and hide. Projects set to autoload in a Space will load by default every time that Space is launched, ensuring that the visitor encounters the specific content and user journey that the space editors envisioned.  

Projects set to hide will not be visible in the Project Explorer. This enables items – that do not belong to any specific projects - to be placed on the SmartBoards (e.g.: company logo) making them appear as default part of the Space.  

Project-based operations will also play an essential role in the future. Projects will also control the permissions of any new, dynamic, user-editable elements.  

SmartBoard Features

SmartBoards are the windows to content and collaboration within MaxWhere – therefore we take development and enhancement of SmartBoard features very seriously. We enhanced SmartBoards with more configuration options. They will be more convenient to use and offer more flexibility in editing Spaces. New SmartBoard settings are:  

  • SmartBoards set to Image frame can display an image file or static web content while requiring fewer resources, allowing you to place a lot of them in your space.  
  • Sleepy SmartBoards are SmartBoards with content that does not need to be changed frequently. These SmartBoards can be put into sleep mode during operation: their content would remain visible, but their resource consumption is significantly reduced, allowing MaxWhere to operate faster.  
  • A Billboard is a type of SmartBoard designed to display static information material to the viewers of the Space, be it a logo, a poster, or any document. This SmartBoard type is not interactive.  

In addition, we also added new properties that make working with SmartBoards more efficient. Just use checkboxes to switch between them:

  • Transparent display  
  • Automatic shutdown to reduce resource consumption (Fall asleep)  
  • Hide the URL bar to prevent changes to SmartBoard content  
  • Hide capsule so that you are not distracted when opening it (only the content is visible)  
  • Hide SmartBoard when it is not needed  
  • "Never wake up,"i.e., content is displayed (e.g., company logo), but no interaction is possible.

Technical Improvements

There are two major technological innovations in MaxWhere 7. We created the possibility of physics-integrated camera movement. This will soon allow us to introduce the ability to avoid "passing through" elements in space and thus providing a better experience when using MaxWhere. Additionally, we implemented a new physics API that will enable more realistic physics simulation for different MaxWhere applications in the future.  

What will you create in MaxWhere? Get MaxWhere 7 here.  


Dr. Péter Galambos


Founder and CTO



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