MaxWhere: more efficient project management in 3D

MaxWhere increases corporate efficiency in project management: 3D workspaces, support, and customizations.

MaxWhere supports business efficiency

MaxWhere Team feels that the slogan The LEANformation Company is a perfect fit because it describes exactly what MaxWhere is capable of as a 3D VR framework. At first glance, this is a platform that displays web content, PDFs, and images in a 3D virtual space for the user to access the information in a much more organized form than the usual 2D solutions and to process it more efficiently. In addition, VR glasses or any other extra device investment are not required. Suppose we get to know it more thoroughly. In that case, the extraordinary efficiency of MaxWhere, which is valid for many use cases, unfolds. In this blog, we review how MaxWhere improves the efficiency of internal company processes, especially project management.

Negative effects of context change

Today, the day-to-day operation of a company requires the parallel use of extensive software. It is essential for decision-makers and project managers to easily see the cause-and-effect relationships to make an optimal decision and to be able to react as soon as possible. This is why the popularity of online collaboration support tools is unbroken. Office efficiency software tries to keep up with the multitasking challenges of process and project management. In this case, multitasking means that dozens of documents and windows must be opened at a given moment for a project. Still in addition, a project manager often must deal with several projects at the same time. For a project manager and the colleagues belonging to the project to complete all tasks on time and with adequate quality, sub-processes must constantly be under control. Even massive amounts of information must be kept in mind or monitored.

Context switching, especially when it comes to switching between apps, leads to a 40% drop in productivity, according to research published in the Harvard Business Review*. This means a loss of around 200 hours per year. Every employee who frequently switches between windows, programs and applications wastes 9% of their time.

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In his research, neuroscientist Daniel Levitin**  found that multitasking is so stressful that it also increases our cortisol and adrenaline production. Additionally, suppose we concentrate on several tasks simultaneously, which we do during classic project management work; our IQ can temporarily drop by 10 points.

20% more efficient project management

Research***  proves that up to 20% more efficient company-level efficiency can be achieved by increasing the transparency of work processes. Part of this is choosing software that can make all the documents or application windows necessary for our project visible in one place. Our files and contents must be organized in a transparent workflow To work efficiently. A traditional folder structure can lead to time wastage as it takes much time to retrieve files. So far, it has been argued that a well-organized content structure is necessary if our goal is to store and find information and files. However, the honest answer is a workflow-based organizational structure, which significantly shortens work preparation time, especially if you must work with files that are otherwise stored in different places.

MaxWhere can do it

MaxWhere's inspiring visualization space builds on the brain's ability to organize and focus in a multidimensional way, thus enabling more informed decisions and more effective individual and joint work. All information content can be distributed in a 3D MaxWhere space. As a result, all documents or application windows can be opened and displayed in the order that best facilitates workflow completion. The transparent user interface of MaxWhere supports intelligent, well-organized digital content storage and its integration into a single workflow. This way, users can immediately access their digital content in an intuitive 3D environment that helps memory and orientation. MaxWhere raises the transparency and understanding of processes to a new level in company management and collaboration, thus increasing performance and efficiency.

Customizable project management software

What makes MaxWhere great? It can be used to organize contents into customizable flows and is suitable for displaying many file formats. The contents appear on so-called smartboards and are arranged in a logical order; they can be grouped into projects. Thanks to MaxWhere, users can use the same work tools and software as before, only they are accessed in a virtual space that creates the illusion of physical space and provides your mind with a parallel overview of the processes and thus faster understanding. We have a dedicated space for project management purposes. In the so-called Process space, the elements of the space represent the stations of the workflow. When the user reaches a given point in the workflow, the corresponding part of the space becomes colored and the belonging Smartboard is activated, where the information and/or tasks are available.

Like the drag and drop function of project management software, the order and importance of the content of the tables can be modified in MaxWhere.

During the development of MaxWhere, the most versatile and practical use of the tool was the most important. In this way, we have not created another software that is difficult to learn but an intuitive 3D display environment that makes the everyday use of existing, proven software more efficient and presents its users with a new, smooth user experience.

Among MaxWhere's capabilities, it is worth mentioning a few more that can be particularly useful in complex operational project management tasks:
1. Ability to integrate all online applications.
2. Ability to manage any collaboration software in the same space.
3. Ability to manage all work processes in real-time.
4. The ability to modify/move the view in special ways in 3D
5. Ability to handle 3D objects:
a. Visualization of 3D objects.
b. Presentation of 3D simulations.

The effectiveness of flow-based work organization

MaxWhere helps to display already proven software in a performance- and efficiency-enhancing arrangement. This prevents the employee's attention from being distracted by fragmented software and documents opened in overlapping windows. The spatial visual arrangement tailored to the session makes everyday work at least 20% more efficient. This is especially true for collaboration. Thanks to MaxWhere more effective and faster joint work can be achieved, by bringing colleagues to the same level of understanding, the transfer of information becomes more accurate and precise, and transparency and performance improve by 50%. This opens up new dimensions in sharing information and preparing decisions.

The advantage of 3D spaces in the field of project management

3D objects, if they are arranged in a logical order in space, can create logical connections between 2D contents in seconds. Because the brain has evolved to function naturally in 3D, it can remember better and understand the spatial arrangement of objects more quickly. Thus, the brain can perceive a complex array of information faster in 3D than in 2D. In addition, MaxWhere enables instant 3D access to digital content.

MaxWhere provides enormous advantages over classical approaches regarding user workload, ease of access to novel information, and comprehensibility. Research shows that together these solutions provide a highly efficient way to visualize, share, and process large amounts of information with a low cognitive workload, a powerful tool for understanding, configuring, and managing large-scale networked digital ecosystems.





Dr. Evelin Hargitai


UX Researcher


Maxwhere Ltd.

Applied linguistics and academic research led her to UX. She not only searches for user behavior patterns and good UX solutions all the time but also challenges, which she solves with the persistence of a long-distance runner. Until another one comes.

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